POP Studio
Client: Where Are You From?—Sabina McKenna
Work: Branding, UX, Publication Design
Location: Naarm (Melbourne), AUS
Date: 2020

About: Where are you from? (WAYF) is an online journal, photographic storyboard, exhibition and zine. Most importantly it acts as a space for People of Colour (PoC) living in Australia to feel heard and seen. WAYF specifically hopes to challenge the widespread understanding that to be Australian, is to appear caucasian. It explores the ways in which PoC Australians endeavour to affirm their sense of identity through sharing intimate personal stories. 

Details: Complete design and roll out for ‘HAIR’, the exhibition curated by ‘Where Are You From?’.
The digital exhibition, partnered with The City of Melbourne, explores the intimate stories of POC womxn with textured hair in a euro centric beauty environment.

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